ART For Cancer’s Anonymous Art Show Promo Video

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Currently, I am in post-production on a short promotional video for the ART for Cancer Foundation’s annual Anonymous Art Show. Incorporating material from last year’s set up and actual event, the promo is designed to convey the fun and value to the foundation of the three day show.

In late November 2016, Mille and Sarah spend a good part of the day organizing and arranging the donated artwork.

Mille and Sarah arrange artwork at AFC Place






Each canvas is 8” x 8” but that is where the similarity ends. The textures, the colours, the subject matter are as diverse as the talented artists themselves. This event presents well over one-hundred canvases. And the artwork is all donated by the artists.
Sold for one-hundred dollars each, the proceeds help fund the free workshops the foundation offers throughout the year.






“Everyone who attended, as well as the artists themselves, had such a great time. It’s like an adult version of the popular kids’ game, Guess Who,” – Anonymous Art Show Co-chair Dr Wendy Brown
“The artist of each painting remains a mystery until after the purchase. As soon as a piece is sold, it is moved from the exhibition into the hands of the purchaser and we have the big reveal! A ‘sold’ tag, showing the artist’s name and photo, replaces the painting.” – Anonymous Art Show Co-chair Angela Smith

Shot on a Canon DSLR using natural sound and an appropriate music bed-track, the promo is expected to be completed within the next month.
The third annual Anonymous Art Show in support of The ART for Cancer Foundation is presented December 1 – 3, 2017 at AFC Place, 1884 Davenport Road, Unit 1, Toronto.