“Creative Forces” Video Series – In Production

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2017 is off to an exciting and energetic beginning with our new video series of short-format video portraits called “Creative Forces” in production for the non-profit organization, ART For Cancer Foundation.


Evolving directly from our very successful series “artists of the ART TOUR” produced in 2015-2016, this new series began production in November 2016. Producers Rochelle Kahn and Cid Palacio were instrumental in arranging and conducting interviews of our eleven participants.


At the close of 2016, we completed three PSAs to help promote ART For Cancer’s annual Toronto’s First Anonymous Art Show – Year Two





With the start of 2017, we have begun post-production of the video portraits. The intention is to release the eleven sponsored episodes regularly over the coming months.


Each episode focuses on a personal story of art and creative expression and the significance and influence on their cancer journey. While there are consistent expressions of gratitude for the ART For Cancer Foundation, each story is inspirational, empowering and life-affirming with very different life experiences. A valuable, helpful, compassionate organization, ART For Cancer Foundation offers participants creative inspiration, and an expression of “Creative Forces”.