“Mane Insights” Web Development

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When Elaine Martinez decided to start her own unique business, she called on writer/producer Rochelle Kahn and myself, to design and establish her online presence.

First steps included commissioning a new logo, arranging a website presence with a simple WordPress based theme, and designing a near and long term program of implementation that included video production.

Currently, we are at the first stage of that implementation.

Mane Insights Logo


Elaine has an ability to lead with quiet strength, gaining the trust of people as she encourages them to reach for the full potential whether it is financially or personally.

Unique to her business model is her three-part approach to wellness which includes financial and personal health, along with a focus on the personal well-being of knowing yourself; -healthy, wealthy, and wise.

Elaine’s extensive background in financial services is augmented by her knowledge of horses and their role in well-being.

Realizing that her values or passion were not wholly reflected in her current field of work, Elaine enrolled in the Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning (FEEL) which beautifully marries her love of horses and their abilities, with her passion for working with people and assistant in their growth and enlightenment.

Elaine with Horse

Rochelle’s expertise in writing adds a dimension to the site essential to define the key feature of the business; Elaine’s personality and skills.

Another important factor employed to define Mane Insights programs is the use of informative videos led by Elaine answering questions to problems financial and well-being that many people struggle with every day.

Over the next few months, we will produce multiple short format videos, populate the website and initiate social media connections as we help Mane Insights to establish their business.

Mane Insights can be found here.

two horses in field