Sakura in High Park

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From late April to early May since the late 1950s High Park in Toronto is the place to go to see the magnificent blooming of the Sakura (cherry blossom) trees. 2017 is my third year of photographing in the Park, and the first year shooting video.

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The first Japanese Somei-Yoshino Cherry Tree was planted here in 1959 and it was present from the citizens of Tokyo. These trees are the earliest to bloom and are much loved for their fluffy pink and white flowers. Another 34 cherry trees were donated to High Park from the Sakura project.

2015 was a very bountiful year with abundant petals on all trees. Unfortunately, as sometimes happens, 2016 was a complete failure with almost no blossoms on the trees.

sakura blossoms with clothes pins

Now in 2017, the blossoms have returned with an impressive display drawing huge crowds from morning until sunset.

food cart with sakura blooms in background

While I’ve seen no count on the number of tourists that visit the park at this time, I’m quite confident it is in the thousands. Most days of peak bloom, cars can be seen bumper-to-bumper along the West Road into the park, going past a grove near the “big hill and winding path” – Other visitors on foot, particularly from the High Park Subway station, only add to the throng.

sakura blooms with lady in bike helmet

The blossoms are at their peak for about a week to ten days, so I have decided to go to the park a number of times over this period. I have already been twice in the evening just prior to sunset., and once before sunrise.

A sunrise excursion offers more opportunity to capture the blossoms without the distraction of the crowds. This year I’ve decided to capture video for potential Stock Footage sales and submission to Creative Commons sites along with photographs. My camera of choice is a Canon DSLR capable of shooting 1080 HD.

wides hot sakura in full bloom in High PArk